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[Help!] %7 ? - THANKS!   [Help!]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: May 18,2020 at 14:34
In Response to: [Help!] %7 ? - THANKS! (Tim Mongeon)

> > I haven't used the Application menu in many years - truth be told I
> > forgot how. I entered LFN as the title and the %7 as the script and
> it
> > did work! Now I just have to read up on how to call the menu entry
> when
> > I need it - or do I have to hit F9 and then select the entry each
> time?
> > Not too much of a hassle - certainly not compared to what I have to
> do
> > now, but if I can limit the keystrokes - less is better.
> >
> > Thanks for really assisting me! I appreciate it.
> I Just wanted to ask - does it work because it is running as a
> separate batch file that Windows controls rather than Ztree? Just
> curious.

Yes, it's a batch.

* * *

Note that if you use a unique letter to identify your F9 script, you could F9,letter to call the command. Very convenient if you use it daily.

For instance, most of my entries in my own F9 menu start with a dash "-", but only those I frequently use start with a letter. So, in my case, opening LFN file would requires only F9,F. (second row, below)


Note that I have a number of features that I wished for years to be inbuilt to ZTree such as Create/delete junction points and toogle Online/Offline OneDrive/Dropbox files and directories but F9 and some scripting do the trick meanwhile, and there only two or three keystrokes away.


Laurent Duchastel

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