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[Help!] Long Pathname support   [Help!]

By: Michael Kahn       
Date: May 19,2020 at 03:23
In Response to: [Help!] Long Pathname support (Tim Mongeon)

> I don't think I deserved your one line response for a request for
> help.
> Thanks anyway.
> Hopefully there will be others out there who can share their responses
> more favorably.

Sorry, but I had a rather long response that disappeared on me when I went to post it and I was too bummed out to recreate it. My usual MO when I take a lot of time on something is to copy it to the clip board before posting, but it I was (can't quite recall my excuse :).

I really think you would be more productive no using such long filenames and paths and I explained why. If you were storing info in paper folders would you try to use the same method? I started out computing on server that only allowed 6 character file names and no spaces or extensions, then for many years with the 8.3 filename limit so i became very good at creating filenames that were not cryptic and you could see in a non-graphical interface with out moving your head. That builds good organization skills and maximizes the enormous capabilities of Ztree. Similar names that sort well are also a useful skill.

I feel that what you asked for would waste Kim's valuable time and it would only serve to support a inefficient file-management method for a few users.


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