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[Help!] Long Pathname support   [Help!]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 19,2020 at 14:21
In Response to: [Help!] Long Pathname support (Michael Kahn)

> > I don't think I deserved your one line response for a request for
> > help.
> >
> > Thanks anyway.
> >
> > Hopefully there will be others out there who can share their
> responses
> > more favorably.
> Sorry, but I had a rather long response that disappeared on me when I
> went to post it and I was too bummed out to recreate it. My usual MO
> when I take a lot of time on something is to copy it to the clip board
> before posting, but it I was (can't quite recall my excuse :).
> I really think you would be more productive no using such long
> filenames and paths and I explained why. If you were storing info in
> paper folders would you try to use the same method? I started out
> computing on server that only allowed 6 character file names and no
> spaces or extensions, then for many years with the 8.3 filename limit so
> i became very good at creating filenames that were not cryptic and you
> could see in a non-graphical interface with out moving your head. That
> builds good organization skills and maximizes the enormous capabilities
> of Ztree. Similar names that sort well are also a useful skill.
> I feel that what you asked for would waste Kim's valuable time and it
> would only serve to support a inefficient file-management method for a
> few users.
> ..\Michael

Thanks. My organizations skills is what gets me to this point. I do know of others who have support for this, but for my own needs, I have a massive elaborate library of materials that is digital based that is a collection over many years.

I set it up in fact using Ztree macros to facilitate some if not most of the maintenance.

Here is one example:

H:\Records - Product Manuals, warranties, service contracts


\Other Hardware and accessories

\Huion Graphics Tablet WH1409 V2

\Utils & Accessories\


Here's a smaller one - great for those with memory problems like myself:

\Tan 5 Drawer Bureau
\Drawer #4
\Refill Blades for Utility Knife (Goldblatt)\


Here's a sample from an Ebook -

\Countries, Cities (General)
\United States
\Boston for Dummies 4th Edition\


So you see - organization is not my problem.

I was a programmer at one time, but I can't program anything anymore. I have in the past tried many methods when I first started this including databases that I programmed, paper based systems (what a nightmare) - no - this system of organization is the best. In some cases (like Ebooks and Research), they reside on separate portable Seagate drives.

It is all VERY organized. A lot of the time I use Everything as the Card Catalog, but most of the time I am in Ztree and it is more convenient for me to stay within Ztree. I have neglected the system a little bit in the last few years - been writing books. In fact a new one will be coming out shortly free of charge of course. It will be the companion volume to the Bulk Rename Utility operations book I posted a few days ago. This one will be a how-to with heavy emphasis on learning Regular Expressions through doing and analysis - up to 1,650 pages plus thus far.


The work-around that Laurent presented me is working fine - although I would still prefer direct support. So we disagree on why and how but hey that's OK as long as it is civil and understandable.

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