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Examples?   [Help!]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 23,2020 at 11:10
In Response to: Examples? (Peter Shute)

> I user Fireshot too. I let it include the webpage title in the name,
> but I leave all the screenshots in the default location, so length
> doesn't matter.
> Over the years, I've found files and folders with webpage titles as
> names are a common cause of overly long file paths. If it was causing
> problems for me, I'd come up with a different system.
> Eg, numbered files and an indexing system. Or dump them in a higher
> level folder with their default names, and add a shortcut. Description
> files containing the long names.

I use several capture programs. That one just happened to be Fireshot - which I don't like over something like Pagesaver.

As for your suggestion - I want the webpage titles long or not. They preserve the information especially if I ever copy or move them to another location. Your changing the files to a numbered indexed system has been tried and failed for what I need. Adding a shortcut to thousands upon thousands of files. No thank you. I don't have that kind of time left on this planet.

I have had this system for over many years and although I appreciate your suggestions - it is not the system I want to change at this point - it is the support for using the system - and that support is now provided for by Windows.

It is not causing problems for me. It has served me faithfully - especially now with my failing health. If I wasn't writing I would be more actively involved in adding new material. I love collecting information.

Before, I used a Subst system - thus the higher level you spoke of - hit and miss. I don't need to do that anymore. This has been developed over many trials and methods. This is the one that works best.

For now I will use Laurent's suggestion but I still firmly believe not just for myself, but for others out there, that Long File Paths and filenames should be supported directly. After all a File manager is supposed to support the current file system used by OS that it is managing - and that now includes LFN.

Kim does a lot of changes so I don't see this as a waste of his time if he can do some code rewriting when he has the time and implement it when finished. I had to do it when I programmed - I did it quite a lot. Geez I remember having to rewrite code almost from scratch to convert COBOL and Fortran programs over to more current.

That, FYI, is really difficult. But that part of my memory is gone. I can't program anymore as I said. The current book I am writing now is a struggle in fact. I am finishing it hopefully very shortly. After it is published, I will forget all that I have learned while writing it over the past couple of years after it is stopped, I fear. It happened already when I was doing the Javascript section. I learned a bit of Javascript as I wrote that - did pretty good. The book is a good teacher - humility aside. But when I went back to concentrating on RegEx, it was gone shortly after. That is also why sometimes I ask 'dumb' questions, that I should know the answer to - in this forum. Pride went out the door a long time ago.

Regardless. It is up to Kim. I hope he is listening.

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