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File as a ZEP   [Help!]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 25,2020 at 00:46
In Response to: File as a ZEP (Peter Shute)

> > My view this is a ZEP not a bug, i.e.
> Why? Does any of the documentation of Ztree say its limit is 260? If we
> discovered Ztree's limit was 259, and that in rare cases it would have
> problems with paths 260 chars long, that would be a bug, wouldn't it?
> If Windows has a hidden capability for greater than 260 chars, and
> Ztree can't handle it, that's a hidden bug. It just happens not to
> matter for most of us at the moment. Hopefully it turns out to be trivial
> to fix.
> Question - once the registry is changed to allow exceeding the limit,
> what's the new limit? Is there one?


give or take. The problem that I think some are referring to is that there exists an incompatibility with some older 32 bit programs, but that problem may be closer to all than realized. The next major update it is said will no longer support providing the 32 bit version of the OS on new systems which means that a lot of support for the older 32 bit programs may go by the wayside sooner than later. I don't mean right away of course but this would be the first step just like I can't get my 16 bit programs to run currently. If anyone knows how - let me know. I have quite a few.

My point is, although you can safely run older 32 bit software now, it is not a given and in fact expected that this will not always be the case. Don't get hung up on the Y2K problem and wait until it becomes too late because everyone said year 2000? What me worry? Then the madness crept in to almost the end of the world type syndrome because most hardware was not going to run after 2000. My VCRs never recovered :)

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