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File as a ZEP   [Help!]

By: Liviu       
Date: May 25,2020 at 05:04
In Response to: File as a ZEP (Peter Shute)

>> My view this is a ZEP not a bug, i.e.
> Why? Does any of the documentation of Ztree say its limit is 260? If we discovered Ztree's limit was 259

ZTree's limit has been 512 since v2.4.192, and 400 before that since v2.0.60 of summer 2008.

Prior to that, the limit was 260, and it wasn't ZTree's. The 260 limit has been the builtin default in Windows forever (and DOS before it) until Windows 10 "anniversary edition" added a choice to bypass it (which requires a double opt-in machine policy + app manifest). Before that summer of 2016, it still was technically possible to work with path lengths greater than 260 (which is how ZTree went to the 400 and 512 limits), but it involved special "win32 file namespace" gymnastics that had their own quirks and were not supported by all file/directory APIs.

IMHO it is not a ZTree bug that the OS moved the posts. It is a change, however, and ZTree will hopefully follow suit at some point provided enough interest is shown, which is precisely what ZEPs are for.


P.S. Unrelated to ZTree, I would advise caution over (ab)using these new super-long paths too early, since support for them is inconsistent at best (unless you are a robocopy afficionado exclusively, in which case you are safe ;-)) Last I checked Windows Explorer still didn't like paths longer than 260 characters, then command line limits are hit at around 1K (CreateProcessWithTokenW) and 8K (cmd.exe), then again at 2K (registry) and 8K (prompt) for environment variables etc. And that's not even counting external non-MS apps.

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