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Clarify Long Pathname 'support'   [Help!]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 25,2020 at 08:33
In Response to: Clarify Long Pathname 'support' (Kim Henkel)

> > I should state that I can copy and move to long paths using Ztree
> but
> > cannot open files. So this seems strange.
> Is your problem primarily (or only) with the Open command?
> Does it happen with all file types?
> FYI, I took one of your examples, but made it a .txt, and Open happily
> launched Notepad with the file loaded.
> \Control Panel (Specific to)
> \User Profiles, Documents & Settings, etc
> \Microsoft Accounts
> \Trusted Devices
> \How 'Trusted Devices' Work on Windows 10 (and Why You No Longer
> Need to 'Trust This PC')
> \084658_How 'Trusted Devices' Work on Windows 10 (and Why You No
> Longer Need to 'Trust This PC').txt

For me the biggest problem is opening files. Have not used too many text files since the majority of files I deal with are:

1. web saves and other graphic images, png, jpg, bmp, etc. - primarily png
2. executables - exe, msi
3. Office Documents - Microsoft, Libre, etc.
4. Other Document and ebook Types- PDF, epub, mobi, etc.
5. Database - MS Access

Yes, it is the Opening speaking for me. Now I am not saying that all of those file types are on longpaths - but I am just telling you what file types I open and those are potentially problematic.

Copying, Grafting, Moving and creating the paths have had little problem thus far. which as I said is a little strange considering it is Ztree that is creating those long paths and moving the files into them (and I am not complaining about that - I require the paths to place the files where they need to go).

In a nutshell these paths are created by:

1. F8 display the directory containing a file on the left and the root directory of
the new path on the right.
2. Prepare the file by running a macro that will strip away some of the extraneous
info at the end - most often the extension.
3. Do any last minute editing in the Rename field (I use rename to do my editing)-
but if I have run the correct prep macro - there is none to very little
4. Copy the finished file into the clipboard buffer.
5. Run the Filescopy macro that creates the path and moves the file very simply.

Here it is:


Simple yet very effective.

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