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XnView?   [Help!]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 25,2020 at 21:57
In Response to: XnView? (Kim Henkel)

> > a. From within Ztree, highlight the file and use the 'O'
> to open the file
> > into Xnview (Xnview is set as the default image viewer
> under Windows).
> What version of XnView are you using?
> I've tried the latest of XnView MP and Classic, and neither was able
> to open a file with a fullpath > 260 characters from Explorer.

Damned - didn't realize that I had been logged out of the forum - not sure why - I just spent twenty minutes giving you a full response and test results, for nada.

hard on my hands (I have bad pain).

So I guess instead of a full explanation I will summarize:

1. running very old version 1.74. No problems running from Explorer by double clicking as default. No problems running other programs to open file via context.

2, problem when loading file into program directly. No LFN support as indicated.

3. No problem loading into other viewers that obviously have support of LFNs.

4. Tried this in Ztree and Ztree with Admin - similar results.

5. In Ztree can open, can copy, move, rename but delete requires rename to shorter version. Open you know about.

6. In Ztree can't being up property sheet - file not found.

7. No problems with any of this in Windows Explorer

Conclusion - Windows is passing the file to programs that do not support - possibly using shortnames - but on my system I just recently enabled shortnames so if this is the case, Windows is doing it on its own initiative.

This also provides a way for you to do it in a more direct approach (I was a bit more subtle in my lost explanation) - you could implement Laurent's way of using shortnames to pass the file over but again more direct rather than using the Application Menu (less keystrokes the better for us with pain I always say. Perhaps a setting for Alt-O - I leave that to you if you would even consider this. I still, however am in favor of something more definite if not now later.

Thanks Kim for listening - I wish I could have provided you all of my text and test results... this is not the first time this has happened with the forum. I post a response and when I submit it - it goes to login - gone. It doesn't happen often though. I just wish it warned me ahead of time.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything.

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