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XnView ??   [Help!]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 25,2020 at 22:55
In Response to: XnView ?? (Tim Mongeon)

> > > 1. running very old version 1.74. No problems running from
> > Explorer by double clicking as default. No problems running other
> > programs to open file via context.
> >
> > Thanks for the analysis, but that did not address my question in any
> > way.
> >
> > Can you tell me what version of XnView you have that will open a file
> > with a full pathname > 260 character from Explorer?
> Yes I told you. v1.74 - it is not opening the directly - that is what
> all my testing proved - it does not have LFN support - other other
> viewers seem to including Free File Viewer, paint Shop Pro, File Viewer
> Lite, etc.
> When I double click the file in Explorer it opens in the default viewer
> which is in fact v1.74 of Xnview. No problem. I can also open the file
> in other programs using the context menu within Explorer. In Ztree the
> context menu won't open on teh file - File Not Found.
> My conclusion is even though it is not directly supporting LFN,
> nevertheless, Windows Explorer is passing the file to this very old
> version and it opens fine. The only reason I can think of from all my
> testing (lost text already explained) is that it must be passing it not
> using the full path and name.
> In Ztree, on the other hand, it does pass the full path - and that
> would be another reason it would not open in Xnview - but it fails before
> that - gives a Windows error. When tested using Ztree in Admin mode - it
> did pass the filename to xnview successfully but to be expected Xnview
> opened momentarily and crashed.
> So the difference was not using Admin with Ztree - errors before
> getting a chance to ass file - with admin - passed file and xnview
> crashed. I didn't see this before because I normally don't run ztree
> in admin - as I said I was testing using different scenarios.
> Because I couldn't bring up the context menu in Ztree, I was unable to
> test whether or not a program that did support LFN would run - I suspect
> that under Admin rights it would and would not without it.
> Does that help?

Sorry for typos - would edit if I could. Wrote fast and painfully so I could get you the requested info.

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