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XnView 1.74   [Help!]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: May 26,2020 at 00:51
In Response to: XnView 1.74 (Kim Henkel)

> >> Can you tell me what version of XnView you have that will open a
> file
> >> with a full pathname > 260 character from Explorer?
> >
> > Yes I told you. v1.74 - it is not opening the directly - that is what
> > all my testing proved - it does not have LFN support - other other
> > viewers seem to including Free File Viewer, paint Shop Pro, File
> Viewer
> > Lite, etc.
> Ok, the confusion - there is also very old version of ZTree v1.74, and
> you made several references to ZTree - I am only interested right now is
> seeing XnView successfully open a long filename from Explorer.
> > When I double click the file in Explorer it opens in the default
> viewer
> > which is in fact v1.74 of Xnview. No problem.
> Why is this not working for me? Can you confirm with this same path?

Yes, works for me just fine. Sorry to confuse you about the 1.74

That is the error message I get from Ztree not explorer.

I would make up a quick photo and text and send it to you as a pdf showing you in detail but there is no private email here. It always has, so I guess telling you that it is Windows 64 Pro and the build all would be useless. There must be a reason it works for me and not you. I have Group Policy set.

Aha! It is as I suspected. In opening the file in File Viewer Lite (context menu from Explorer - Open ) - it opened just fine but in addition it shows me the value that was passed to the program.


Note - I had to copy the above line as best I could using a Screen Reader which messed up so I had to edit - so not sure about the single quote after How.

So It is passing a modified path to the program. That is how Xnview is opening (and probably other programs) LFN from Explorer but it still doesn't explain why I can and you can't. I checked the Display settings under Advanced and there is nothing in there that would indicate anything that would make a difference.

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