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[OT] Merry Christmas!   [OT]

By: Greg Akers       
Date: Dec 25,2020 at 01:19
In Response to: [OT] Happy Holidays! (Steve Fields)

> It's been a while since I last commented. Been here for almost
> 20 years.

Me, too, Stevie. Almost 21 years here for me. It was a real eye opener to discover ZtreeWin and this forum way back then. Exciting times.

> I still love coming over and lurking here even though I no longer have a Windows based PC.
> I have been using an iPad II with its stylus pen for a couple years now.

I'm retired over 7 years now and don't have near the need and file responsibilities I had at work. My most frequently used device, besides my phone, is my Android tablet for surfin' da 'net. But I still have several PCs around the house that I use ZTW to maintain, and a thumb drive with ZTW for helping friends & neighbors.

My heartfelt thanks to Kim for the marvelous ZTW tool and to Victor for this wonderful forum.

> Nevertheless:
> • Feliz Navidad
> • Happy Hanukkah
> • Happy Holidays
> • Happy New Year
> • Joyeux Noël
> • Joyous Kwanzaa
> • Merry Christmas
> • Seasons Greetings
> • Yuletide Greetings
> and
> • Happy Festivus to All!

I say, "Merry Christmas to all! And to all a good night."


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