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By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Jan 16,2021 at 01:55
In Response to: I vote it remains on the left, aligned with viewed contet (Slobodan Vujnovic)

> I have a feeling that there will be users who would want to make
> this info as discrete and invisible as possible, and others -- me,
> to have it as intrusive as possible, and as close to the
> content I'm viewing as possible. :-)
> That's why it's evolving to a toggle.


> Note that I always use ZTree in full screen, typically 160 columns.
> So, less eye travel is better.

This is what confuses me. It is exactly because of too much left-right eye travel that I very seldom run ZTree in full screen mode. Like you, I have a wide screen. I also usually have the File Window in the Alt-File single-column full-info mode. This places that info much too far to the right in full-screen file windows.

The screenshot you posted here,
while not full screen, indicates you also use that Alt-File mode. So it surprises me that someone so concerned about horizontal eye movement would choose to run ZTree in full screen mode in the first place.

Unless using dual screens, full screen also covers up everything else, including other ZTree sessions. Sure, you can use Alt-Tab to cycle to other tasks, but I'd rather have them at least partly visible. I'm often referencing something else while working in ZTree.

I do understand that we each have our unique MOs, but my guess is that most users with wide screens do not run ZTree in full screen by default. So I'm guessing your MO is not typical, and may in fact be unusual. I'm also guessing your use of colors is also not typical. Don't misunderstand, I respect that the way you use ZTree works best for you, and is a great testament to the flexibility of this great tool. I just don't think it's typical.

Although the placement I'm suggesting is close to the position of the same info in the file windows, I do understand your point while quickly moving through files in F7 Autoview. That mode was your original request, and appears to be your main concern.

But since it was also added to the normal Viewer, where you're not quickly moving through files, the left justification becomes more objectionable to me, and the right placement makes more sense. In the normal Viewer you likely already know what file you're viewing, so the info is more incidental. Of course you can toggle it on then off, but I'm more likely to leave it on if it's placed to the right.

I suggest a compromise: Place it on the left in F7 Autoview, and on the right in the normal Viewer.

- John


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