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Info position, again   [ZEP]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Jan 16,2021 at 16:28
In Response to: Info position (John Gruener)

>I suggest a compromise: Place it on the left in F7 Autoview, and on the
>right in the normal Viewer.

It would be strange to have the same INFO on the left in F7,
but on the right in normal View. Both perform the same type
of activity; the user should expect to see the info in the
same location.

I can't think of a UI case where such a choice has been made.

The point I raised in another post is the practicality of having
the file PATH and the INFO very, very close together. Consider
the screenshot from:


Here is a version truncated to 50 or so columns. It's perfectly
usable, very little context has been lost despite truncation:


Now, if the INFO was on the right, no matter how narrow your
screen (80 or more), you wouldn't be able to truncate the image,
even if the text viewed was just 20 columns wide! You would need to
include all of the blank space in order for the rightmost
columns (where INFO is displayed) to be seen.

Yes, not a likely use case. But I'm thinking of someone doing
ZTree tutorials (I'm not, and feel guilty, I know...) and preparing
screenshots -- images of View/F7 could be cropped without loss
of information...

I'll let Kim decide, but I'd hate to force him to create
a YACO because of (a unique? case like) me. I'm for the
LEFT area, if there is only one choice.

I have no more to add to this subject.

John, as always, your feedback an insights are great!


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