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By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jan 17,2021 at 00:07
In Response to: Winkey+SHIFT+LEFT/RIGHT (Slobodan Vujnovic)


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I'm happy with the current ruler or info on the left, layout.
But I understand some people might want to have a clean interface.

I use those window move hotkeys (Shift-)Win-Left/Right a lot, and I miss them not working for Citrix seamless published applications.
One of the AutoHotKey versions supported hotkey'ing those, but not the version I'm currently running, the old version with a bit of API magic meant I could move published applications around on Win7. I have raised the isse with some Citrx people, but no movement so far, so I should have anouther look into doing something with AHK.

Don't "speak" to me like they do to you, for me they are noise, but as long as they are optional, I have no objections.

Full screen
I normally I run a single ZTree instance, with CO-2A=MAX:-2 and CO-2B=MAX:-1, in F8 split mode.

Very rairly I run multiple instances.

Keyboard over mouse
I run with /M so that I can use quickedit.
That change a while ago meant I had to add /M to my commandlines so that I could carry on working as I'm used to.
I too started with XTree, so for me using the mouse to control ZTree is something I wouldn't never dream of doing.



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