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my MO   [ZEP]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Jan 17,2021 at 17:23
In Response to: my MO (Ben Kent)

> I'm happy with the current ruler or info on the left, layout.
> But I understand some people might want to have a clean interface.
Users are given options, one of ZTree's best features.

> Hotkeys
> I use those window move hotkeys (Shift-)Win-Left/Right a lot, and I
> miss them not working for Citrix seamless published applications.
Isn't one frequent forum member a software engineer at Citrix?
Request a CEP maybe?

Any other AutoHotkey users?

> Colours
> Don't "speak" to me like they do to you, for me they are noise, but
> as long as they are optional, I have no objections.
Do they distract you even when you edit code? I grew up with VT100
screens, where the only change from the default was reversing a
text selection, then back to monochrome. Not even bold or underline
were used in editors, although the hardware supported it; it was probably
considered unnecessary and distracting, after all, a screen is just
"paper", and you don't change pens when you write pure text.
I'm glad color use is now normal, not stuff for kids to play with.

> Full screen
> I normally I run a single ZTree instance, with CO-2A=MAX:-2 and
> CO-2B=MAX:-1, in F8 split mode.
Me too, but three instances, in three colors and other differences.
Hey, why did Kim implement the ZCOLORS.INI files interface, allowing
any number of such files, instead of putting a uniqe coloring
configuration into Alt+F10?

Sometimes I hit a key to temporarily launch a fourth instance: it
runs with full privileges, and helps me dig deeper into "Access denied"
directories. Then I close it.

> Instances
> Very rairly I run multiple instances.
Fair enough. My wife refuses to open more than one tab in Firefox,
keeps reusing the same one. So I pin her Gmail, Facebook, and a few
others, so I can help her faster. But, after a few days, I find out
that she managed to close them too - it distracts her...

> Keyboard over mouse
> I run with /M so that I can use quickedit.
Me too, I grab content from ZTree all the time with
select, right-click. Ctrl+Insert and Gather do the rest.


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