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Ctrl-F5 problem...   [BETA]

By: Peter Geagea       
Date: Jan 20,2021 at 05:42
In Response to: [BETA] v2.4.199 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

ZTreeWin v2.4.199

When I try to select a number of files and use Ctrl-F5 to compress them into a ZIP archive, using InfoZip, ZTreeWin wants to display the zipping output, even though I have chosen "Display Output (no)"

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 with latest updates (yes, I know it's no longer supported by Microsoft, but forgive me).

My ZTreeWin display resolution is 102 cols x 43 rows.

The ZTreeWin screen is corrupted by the zipping progress display; sometimes it corrects itself after zipping is completed, and sometimes it doesn't.

Please look at the attached images....I tried to upload them. I hope it worked...

I had to shrink one of the JPG files to get it to upload...






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