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[Bug] Ztree hangs to hidden task with heavy load   [Bug]

By: Zdenek Hladik       
Date: Feb 04,2021 at 16:29

Hello Kim,

short time ago I described here in forum problems with Ztree stability on Alt-F7 - resize. At last update 2.4.199 at first glance it seemed that bug was fixed. But unfortunately bug is still here.

I will try to describe way to reproduce bug:

I start every time Ztree with full screen (with switch - /MAX,
full startup params are /XT /MAX /APIT /OD /SD /ZM)

For long time I have problems with Ztree window content corruption on drive access denied - content scrambled, but [ALT] [F7] redraws screen and fixes windows content.

If for some reason one of those events occurs:

- access denied error scramble screen
- screen resolution change via RDP session
- windows drag out of screen by mouse

the coordinates of windows goes out of actual screen, then one of next actions

- [alt] [F7]
- [Q] for Ztree quit

goes to hang state with disappearing of Ztree window but hidden task ZTR64 still exists and consumes one full thread of CPU.

I suppose that there is probably at some point negative window coordinates processing which crashes may be deep in some console windows library, may be
in Ztree coordinates computation. So for fixing may be some range checking on window coordinates range will fix it

My quick dirty solution for Ztree start is next script:

pslist ztw64 2>NUL
if errorlevel 1 goto nokill
pskill ztw64 2>NUL
timeout 7
start "" cmd /c c:sysztr.exe

I use Sysinternals utils (www.sysinternals.com) and indicate crash state by pause after listin of process.

But there still remains awkward efect of heavy load by hidden task and lost Ztree history save on quit.

For reproducing crash try:

1. start ztw64 /max
2. move Ztree window left - even maximized it allows that
3. quit Ztree by [Q]

Ztree Window disappear little slower than usually, but Windows task manager (or PSLIST.exe) shows busy background task.

Zdenek Hladik OK7DR


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