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Try /MAX:-1:-2   [Bug]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Feb 06,2021 at 10:26
In Response to: [Bug] Ztree hangs to hidden task with heavy load (Zdenek Hladik)

> Dear Kim,
> thanks for tip, I tried it nad it seems it helped. Now after PC restart
> I am not able to reproduce problem even without /Y. So may be bug/problem
> starts on some conditions. Then it persisted and was easy to reproduce.
> So I will add to my starting scripts /Y switch and I will test it more
> heavily.
> Console restoration seems to be right reason on quit action. But why it
> got on ALT F7 also?
> BTW in fact I started ztw64 from autoit compiled script by embeded
> fuction run() (i suppose no shell created?). And Autoit compiled script
> in fact is not compiled but packed source with autoit interpreter. Script
> after starting ztw64 also runs some network mapping scripts. So may be
> environment to which ztree tries to restore is not healthy?
> Zdneek Hladik OK7DR
> > > I start every time Ztree with full screen (with switch - /MAX,
> > > full startup params are /XT /MAX /APIT /OD /SD /ZM)
> >
> > See if any difference if you also use /Y


Sounds to me like the window size is slightly too big at /MAX, so when the access denied error comes, the window gets redrawn at a smaller size, and on your system that trips something up.

ZTree shouldn't quit on an Access Denied.
Have you tried without /APIT?

Try with this /MAX:-1:-2, it's what I have been using for years, I do it in the config.
I found that without that setting, the ZTree window would be redrawn with scrollbars on unlocking, and a double Alt-F7 would be needed to get back. With the new console in Win10 with the wrapping text, I expect the redrawn window would have wrapped text, so appearing corrupted.

Other things to try
Call a shortcut (.lnk) file from Autohotkey, I use a shortcut to get the icon I like.
Call via a shell, i.e. cmd.exe /c ztw64.exe ...
Change the default console font
Switch to "Legacy Console mode"



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