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[Help!] Zcolors.ini RGB numbers- default colours supplied thanks   [Help!]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Feb 23,2021 at 01:57
In Response to: [Help!] Zcolors.ini RGB numbers- default colours wanted (Steve Rawling)

Thanks Matthias and Laurent.

It was those RGB numbers I was after, I'll just manually enter them.

Gosh! this remains a wonderful forum full of wonderful people, not to mention the awesome work from Kim

I recently retired and so handed back my employer supplied laptop which is all I ever needed for the odd private task. I use my Android tablet and phone for most of my private surfing and communication.

I dusted off an old desktop I had stored away to get the RGB numbers but it was dead. A horrible ancient machine with Vista OS anyway.

I see that on the W10 new console mode you can have a unique colour palette file for each CMD exe. Maybe Kim should look into that for the latest release installation. Maybe a few options. There are 16 million colours to choose from after all :-) I think I'll still always prefer the traditional ztw default.

I went on Ebay and bought a renovated Lenova L440 i5 laptop that has a fresh W10 installed for AUD $275 (US$215)and a HP 24" HD monitor for AUD $90 (US$70). Should be enough now that I don't need to do work's heavy number crunching etc. Cheap as chips! Weird... I'd never think of buying and old reconditioned Smart Phone. My next purchase will probably be a Samsung S20FE 5G for about AUD$1000

My former employer organization, like many large bodies, replace laptops long before their use by date. scrub them clean and virtually give them away to resellers, but NOT employees.

On that old dead Vista desktop. I had played with RGB console colour settings that made ZTW look bizarre, just for a laugh but never bothered to change them back. Funny ... you eyes can get used to anything I guess... still the default ztw colours are definitely easiest on the eyes. New staff would come to my office desk and say 'heh why are you using that old blue DOS program?' I'd try to explain but they mostly just smiled and probably thought I was an old dinosaur. lol. Someone in IT was kind enough to allow this single user app licence by the 'dinosaur' for all those years.

Looking back through the archives ( Thanks Victor for this fantastic forum) I found this nice colour scheme

Lucky I kept my private ztw.key on a memory stick... Though its about time contributed a few new $ to KIM

I wonder if there will every be a ZtreeAndroid :-)



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