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[Bug] Ztree hangs to hidden task with heavy load   [Bug]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Feb 23,2021 at 10:51
In Response to: [Bug] Ztree hangs to hidden task with heavy load (Kim Henkel)

> > I start every time Ztree with full screen (with switch - /MAX,
> > full startup params are /XT /MAX /APIT /OD /SD /ZM)
> See if any difference if you also use /Y

I just had this happen again. This time with an instance that was using /Y, so that doesn’t solve the problem.

It also didn’t happen following an error, so it doesn’t appear to be related to exceptions either.

The situation was as follows:
1. An instance of ZTreeWin was launched on my external 4K monitor (3480x2160 at 150%).
Command-line flags: /APIT /ZB /T"[Fossil-SCM]" /TOZV /KBR /Y /ZM
Cols 292 Rows 97 List height 91
Files/page 35 Name.ext length 88.6
Screen resolution 3840 x 2160

2. I’d minimized that window, and after putting the laptop to sleep and waking it up several times, disconnected and reconnected to the external monitor, Windows had moved that instance to my laptop screen (also 3480x2160, but at 250%).

3. I clicked the task bar button to un-minimize ZTreeWin, which only showed part of the ZTreeWin window, with scroll bars to match. That’s expected, since at 250%, it can fit less on the screen than at 150%.

4. I pressed Shift+Win+[Right arrow] to move it to the external 4K monitor, which worked fine, but the window kept its size, which was still too small.

5. Then I pressed Alt+F7 to let ZTreeWin recalculate its window size.

That’s when the ZTreeWin window resized slightly, hung for about a second with no text visible — but with ZTreeWin’s background color, then disappeared. Task Manager (and Process Hacker) showed ZTW64.EXE was using 100% of a single processor core, and it kept doing that until I killed the process some 15 minutes later.



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