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Hi Slobodan - colors meaning   [Help!]

By: Zdenek Hladik       
Date: Feb 25,2021 at 20:47
In Response to: Here I go again, just for Zdenek (Slobodan Vujnovic)

Hi Slobodan,

On Ztree I am not newcomer, even I am an quite old oldtimer. In deep PC history I started to use Xtree in eighties (I copied binaries from Tape backup support package). I read your messages about items colors splitting some time ago. I agree that this is good enhancing of visual info amount on files list. As Ztree basic concept is high power on complex files operation it is quite obvious that it can be helpful on that area.

As oldtimer I was forced to use blue background by Peter Norton Utilities and commander. But on DOS CGA there were 16 colors only , but now we have nice palette, so why not tune it up to enhance visual harmony...

Maybe some esthetic criterions will prefer less colors on screen, but it is a work tool, not art gallery.

Zdenek OK7DR

> Nice shots from Midnight
> Commander. To be fair, color schemes are
> something ZTree does quite well, but what it's lacking, like
> (probably) all the file managers out there, is (optionally)
> coloring each file component separately, the way Excel colors
> its cells based on some user criteria.
> In this screenshot that Zdenek links to, wouldn't it be nice if, say,
> all of
> the file DATES created on "May 12 hh:mm" (I can count 10 of
> them,
> Just the file DATE, independently of NAME, EXT,... colors. This is
> what I'm asking folks to visualize, it's not hard, and would
> suddenly make sense if you saw it. (I had this prototyped in a file
> manager on OpenVMS that I never got to finish...)
> Colors take no space (unlike #tags in other software), and can be
> used to filter, sort, tag, in addition to highlighting what's relevant
> to the user -- but this can't be implemented if the entire line
> is of a single color, sigh...
> Yes, this has been my #1 ZEP/obsession since forever,
> and it's well known by everybody here, but you seem to
> be a newcomer, so I'm bringing this up again after a
> month or so in this post:
> https://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=123318
> Some history for you to catch up, if you find this topic
> of interest. I'm basically repeating myself, not understanding
> why nobody sees the unique value and power that would
> benefit ZTree:
> http://vujnovic.free.fr/ztw/ztw_zeps.html#ZEP200
> http://vujnovic.free.fr/ztw/ztw_zeps.html#ZEP203


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