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[Bug] ZTreeWin crashes predictably when using full-path-length [F]ilter   [BETA]

By: Nick Williams     West Sussex, England  
Date: Feb 27,2021 at 17:46
In Response to: [BETA] v2.4.199 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

System: ZTreeWin v2.4.197 running on Windows 10.0.19042 Pro with NTFS

I'm currently engaged in some file-system housekeeping: in particular I am trying to identify (and shorten) any path-lengths that exceed MAX_PATH=260 characters.

(I'm aware that in later versions of Windows 10, the MAX_PATH=260 restriction can be overridden, but I haven't applied the necessary registry edit, because I want to maintain backward compatibility with Windows 7.)

I am finding that ZTreeWin crashes frequently and predictably when using the full-path-length [F]ilter.

Minimum steps to reproduce:-

(1) Start ZTW64.EXE with a vanilla configuration, i.e. no command-line arguments and no ZTW.INI.

(2) Apply a full-path-length [F]ilter: I'm using >F259 but any sensible number will do, e.g. =F50.

(3) [L]og a valid drive-letter, e.g. C.

At (3), ZTreeWin's console session always disappears completely (and from Windows Task Manager, as well). The Windows Event Viewer records an error: Exception code: 0xc0000005 at Fault offset: 0x000000000008db2e. I'm using ZTW64.EXE, but ZTW.EXE also crashes in the same way.


I upgraded to ZTreeWin v2.4.199 and am still experiencing the exact behaviour described above. The only difference now is that Event Viewer records the Fault offset as: 0x000000000008dc3a.

Can anybody else confirm ? Many thanks.

Kind regards


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