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Sneaky ZEP?   [Tip]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Mar 05,2021 at 21:52
In Response to: [Tip] What day of the week is it today? (nircmd speak) (GoSlow2GoFast)

> just hover over the time in the right side of the task bar
> and up pops the date and time, complete with day name.

I'm aware of this, it's a punishment :-). That's why I implemented
a global hotkey that tells me that basic information, which should
require absolutely no user action.

> But it requires the mouse, rather than a keyboard press...

Exactly! It also requires the eyes/glasses, precision...

Now, if ZTree updated the date/time display in the top right corner
with the three 'Day' letters, those of us who always have a ZTree
session running, could forget about mousing around with the clock
in the system tray.

This sounds like a sneaky ZEP to me.


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