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Creeping ZEP?   [Tip]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Mar 08,2021 at 18:09
In Response to: Creeping ZEP? (Antti)

> By hitting X, we already easily see the weekday and date on the top
> left, fully up-to-date, aren't they? So I don't see any need for
> another date/time in the top right corner...

Another? It's already there in Dir/File, just missing the weekday.

Frankly, I had no idea the weekday is shown in eXecute, along
with some other stats. I believe that the default look is for XTree
legacy, that's maybe why Kim added the option:

U Brief eXecute command headings Yes/No
Set to "Yes" to configure the eXecute command screen header to
three lines instead of five lines.

I have only ever focused on the command I was entering/recalling,
never even glanced at the header in eXecute!

So, Kim is already getting the weekday info from the system, it just
needs to be more prominent, and require no action -- this is key.

Why should users need to hit 'x' to see the day of the week, when
they probably spend 99% of their time in File/Dir views? There is
ample room on these screens for three (or two) more letters in
the date/time area.

The problem may be that it could break the current (fixed?) layout,
where very long path names on the first line bump into the date/time
area. It may indeed be hard to find room on the first line for 3-4 weekday
letters without disrupting something.


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