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[Tip] What day of the week is it today? (nircmd speak)   [Tip]

By: GoSlow2GoFast     RI  
Date: Mar 10,2021 at 12:52
In Response to: [Tip] What day of the week is it today? (nircmd speak) (Matthias Kring)

> >
> > nircmd speak text "~$currdate.dddd$ ~$currdate.MMMM$
> > ~$currdate.dd$"
> I have many of Nir Sofers tools, including nircmd (V 2.86 x64)
> However, the above given command says (in German)
> "Wednesday March 2010"

I'm assuming you have that all on a single line and this website just split it?

Just for curiosity, have you also tried:

nircmd speak text "~$currdate.dddd$ ~$currdate.MMMM$ ~$currdate.d$"

If still not, I'd report it as a potential bug to NirSoft (https://www.nirsoft.net/contact-new.html). It may be that the utility isn't correctly dealing with certain localization settings, although I wouldn't expect Nir to have missed that, but who knows.


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