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[Help!] Easier way to Mirror Folder and change name   [Help!]

By: David Wall       
Date: Apr 07,2021 at 23:10

I regularly (tens of times a day) do the following.

1 Alt M (mirror) a folder from my D drive to my C drive.
2 Log the C drive and locate the just mirrored folder.
3 Rename the folder to a specific name (which doesn't already exist).
4 Go back to the D Drive and locate and tag several files.
5 Copy those files into the newly renamed folder on the C Drive.
6 Now - go to the C Drive and do some more work.

Rather laborious - but since the original folder on the D Drive can be any name it chooses - and depending on that - the files I need to additionally copy to it also have different names.
The only fixed name is the one I rename the folder to on the C Drive in step 3.

Since the folders on the D Drive are named like xxx-yyy-zzz-bbb and I want the resulting folder on the C Drive to be named aaaaaa.

I don't want to copy the extra files into the existing folder structure on D Drive - as I would then have to delete those files once the folder has mirrored onto C Drive.

Is there any way I can somewhat automate this.

I don't use the F9 menu system and don't think it would help anyway.



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