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Try DW, Alt-C   [Wish]

By: David Wall       
Date: Apr 12,2021 at 00:24
In Response to: Try DW, Alt-C (Antti)

> > Maybe it's just me but there's no Compare option in the DW -
> it's
> > there in the FW but it only compares the one directory.
> >
> Here it is the other way round: There is no Compare option in the FW,
> but it is there in the DW (Tree Commands).
> Look at the Help file and see if you have Alt-Compare described
> there:
> 2.4 Directory Window Commands - Alt│
> Alt-Compare - Compare the logged file entries in the current
> branch with
> those in a second branch, and tag the files in the
> current
> branch that match the options chosen, when compared
> to the
> files in the second branch.

You're right - the Directory window is the upper window and the File window the lower.
However - If you select a folder in the DW and press Alt C - you then get the ability to select a second folder to compare with.
This Compare ONLY compares that single folder - IT DOESN'T COMPARE the branch.

There's no way to compare a whole branch of logged folders.

AAAAA This is the only folder compared with another
CCCCC1 \- These don't get compared with anything.


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