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Alt-Compare explanation   [Wish]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Apr 12,2021 at 21:39
In Response to: Did you want duplicate by name and not duplicate by relative path? (David Wall)


This Alt-Compare function works flawlessly. In fact it was a feature of XTree, and the earliest versions of ZTree. I've been using it for 30 years. In fact, a little-known feature not mentioned in the help file is that the target directory to which you are comparing the logged source does not even need to be logged!

So I'm going to jump in here and try to sort out why it does not appear to work for you.

> I did exactly the above

No you didn't. Ben was giving you an example to prove it works by tagging all files that have the same name by setting Identical to (name). You instead set it to (no).

> tag Identical No - all the others are No also - I want to see what
> files are different

As Antti has pointed out, if all settings are set to (no) then nothing will be tagged!

I think you may misunderstand what 'Identical (no)' means. It means do not tag files that are identical. Perhaps you are thinking it means tag all files that are not identical. That's not what it means.

To tag files that are not identical you have to set all the file characteristics you want ZTree to consider as different to (yes), such as Older, Newer and Size.

> If I change the tag to Identical Dt&Sz then all the other files get
> tagged EXCEPT that one file - so maybe I should use that option - but it
> doesn't feel right.

That proves your Alt-Compare is working. Try setting Identical to (no) and your selected differences to (yes), then let us know how it goes.

- John


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