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[Q] Changing display fonts?   [Q]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: May 12,2021 at 22:38
In Response to: [Q] Changing display fonts? (Alan Smedley)

> Laurent
> Thanks for writing these scripts.
> I have dived into your scripts as I have a similar requirement to you
> where I use ZTW on three systems, a Surface, a 24" Desktop, and a 32"
> Desktop.
> So far in testing found that I needed to include the full path and
> extension to the ColourTool.exe and .ini in the script so it would work
> without an error.
> But as I have not had a need to use the f9 Application Menu previously,
> I am not understanding if all of the scripts reside within the one
> ZTW.ZAM file or in separate ZAM files.
> Your assistance would be appreciated.
> Alan Smedley


I read Laurent's post as 5 menu items in one ZAM file.

Do this
name it, return
at this point you can Shift-Ins to paste in a number of lines from the clipboard.

The editor is sort of a line editor, so might take some getting used to, search "Edit-menu Commands" in the help file.
A quick overview.
Press return to enter edit mode, at which point you can only paste in parts of lines, you can cursor up and down.
Press return to toggle the mode back. Then Esc to go back to the menu.

When in the menu, you can make a tree of the menu items by using Alt-[M]ove.

I run with "F5 Graphics toggle" enabled.

There are a number of scripts that can convert between ZAM and TXT, which can help with bulk editing. My version is called ZTWMenuText.vbs, last uploaded as ZTWMenuText13.zip but probably deleted from the forum upload area by now.



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