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[Discuss] Promoting ZTree via Microsoft Store   [Discuss]

By: Doug Borg     Newton, MA, USA  
Date: Jun 06,2021 at 21:04
In Response to: [Discuss] Promoting ZTree via Microsoft Store (Slobodan Vujnovic)

> As someone who has failed
> spectacularly at promoting ZTree,
> including to close family techies and administrators (!),
> I still haven't given up on trying to increase its user
> base. I hope Kim and all current users think the same.
> Microsoft Store (MSS), you know, the empty, boring place that
> no one visits, and which is a Google Play and App Store clone,
> is where many users will somehow end up, by accident, or via MS tricks.
> Just think of Android and iOS users, stores are where it's at.
> It just may become the preferred Windows way, even for techies,
> to explore and download new "apps". At work, this could be the only
> way allowed by the IT police to get anything on your PC.
> (Personally, I browse betanews.com for new stuff, but there are many
> other sources. I have a feeling that today most people are not looking
> actively for new tools, at all. Things are sufficiently good already,
> to be honest. It's by accident that they discover something new and
> better.)
> Since ZTree is very shyly promoted/advertised (Kim is announcing new
> versions
> on Twitter -- a good start), it occurred to me that MSS could be a
> secure,
> official, controlled, vetted, way of presenting it to those who
> wouldn't
> otherwise stumble upon it.
> There are about a dozen file managers already in MSS, many of them
> optimized
> for touch surfaces. Others, at first glance, seem to be "original,
> creative"
> work, possibly first attempts at programming...
> Surprisingly, there seems to be only a single one from the
> "commander" family,
> and it's a trial version. Commanders are the preferred tool used by
> Linux
> and Windows techies that need more than the default.
> XTree and ZTree lost against those, unfortunately.
> I have no idea how one gets Windows apps/utilities accepted in MSS, it
> must
> be a pain, like it is on the other stores, but it may be worth it. MSS
> probably takes a cut, but this surely must compensate for the volume,
> visibility, admin, billing, support, etc.
> Many MSS apps have a free and a pro version and the usual in-app
> purchases,
> which is perfectly fine. Creating several flavors requires a lot of
> work,
> I'm sure, so it's up to Kim to consider it.
> Any thoughts on making a ZTree flavor available in the Microsoft Store?

“As someone who has failed spectacularly at promoting ZTree, including to close family techies and administrators (!), …”

Man, that sounds familiar. As recently as a month ago, when I was sharing my screen on Zoom and naturally had ZTW front and center, the mocking cries of “DOS” came immediately. Never mind my protestations that ZTW is a 64-bit Windows program that runs in console mode; it’s DOS to them and they aren’t interested. And, IMHO, therein lies the problem.

I think the best way, and maybe the only way ZTW can gain a foothold in the W10 appspace is to do what killed XTGold – port it to a GUI (Remember XTG for Windows 4.0?). Otherwise, no one will even look at it.

It may be too late as far as Kim is concerned; maybe not. If he thinks it’s not too late, I’m sure that it would take a lot of his valuable time to adapt the interface with no discernable revenue in return. Maybe he might consider doing it if we could pony up enough in donations for him to take a stab at it. What do you think?

Kim – what do YOU think?



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