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Windows Terminal + ZTreeWin   [Discuss]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Jun 08,2021 at 17:26
In Response to: Windows Terminal + ZTreeWin (Paul Laufer)

> > Have you guys tried it yet?
> >
> >
> Have tried WT but Ztree always looks garbled on the screen when I have.
> Do you have any suggestions about video settings to get it to work?
> In Windows Terminal I've tried different "Launch Size" settings
> columns & rows to no avail.
> I've always set Ztree to MAX:-16, MAX:-4.
> Hmmm...OK, just changed Ztree to 180x45 and it seems to launch OK now.
> (180x45 is what I had WinTerm set to default.
> Now in Ztree if I use ALT-F7/F8/F9 while in WT it goes back to garbled.
> I've not tried any changes in the Appearance or Advanced tab of Ztree
> tab in WT.
> Basically what this would be to me is a TABBED Multi-Ztree interface,
> which would be cool. Ztree is the only console mode program I run that I
> can think of other than DOS prompt.

Same issues here.
To avoid garbled ZTree, console is Legacy mode by default. WT does not seem to support this.

And as for you, little need for multiple console windows, except when running batch of batches, usually creating large and high compression archives from ZTree for different directories. I usually launch them F9-Alt-X in distinct console instances... which are then launched ... outside WT! And because WT does not seem to have the capability to attach existing console windows like ConEmu does... there is finally little incentive for to WT at all.

Laurent Duchastel


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