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Windows Terminal: I feel silly   [Discuss]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Jun 09,2021 at 19:56
In Response to: Windows Terminal: I feel silly (Laurent Duchastel)

> I never really read them and thus never
> grasp that Windows Terminal is in fact a multitab console shell!

In some tabs CMD, in some PowerShell, in some a Linux shell!
Yes, it now runs side by side with Windows:

Admins' dream. My impression is that today's admins love console
(retro elitism?) look and feel. The problem is that they have
no idea ZTree exists and what it can do. Yup, another of my
faults - I've been planning for years to Youtube some of its
power features. Kim has no time for this, but we could find
the time, it does not need to be professional quality.

> What's your WT parameters for ZTree to work?

I don't know; at first you had to edit a text file, now the
Settings are in a menu. I just remember that it wasn't perfect.
I'm waiting for it to stabilize, but we could influence the
developers by reporting issues. One could even fork it -- for
those who have the skills. It's open source.


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