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Windows Terminal + ZTreeWin   [Discuss]

By: Liviu       
Date: Jun 13,2021 at 07:38
In Response to: Windows Terminal + ZTreeWin (Slobodan Vujnovic)

> Hopefully, administrators...

That was my not-so-secret hope for a long time, but never materialized.

As I see it, the resistance is primarily about perception rather than functionality. Contrary to another opinion (sorry, Doug) I strongly believe that ZTree should never renounce the console mode. That's what best fits the job, and it's part of what makes ZTree uniquely powerful. That said, taking advantage of some newer console features - drag resizing, true colors, the new terminal, transparency etc - could go a long way towards shaking the perception/stereotype of "DOS" consoles.

Beyond that, there is vast uncharted territory not (well) covered by any one file manager nowadays - symlinks, alternate data streams, UNC paths, non-disk MTP/FTP/etc storage, cloud drives, and the list will only grow larger with time. Though, realistically, every single one of those would require seizable work to even flesh out, let alone implement.



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