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[General] How's this for weird O.o   [General]

By: Teklek       
Date: Jun 06,2022 at 02:45

I run ZTW from an old C: HDD, and use an SSD (H:) for backups of various files, the file c:\ztree\ztw.hst being one of those backed up to H:

I got an "Error 80, file already exists" from ZTW when copying ztw.hst from C: to H:, and on viewing the file I found the contents were a perl script and not the usual stuff you see in the hst file.

Second weird thing was a file I found in H:\ztree called ztw.h$t, which did delete OK (should have checked contents first though, doh)

Most weirdly though, is that if I use ZTW (or Explorer) to delete H:\ztree\ztw.hst, it deletes without error but immediately reappears after a dir refresh!

Doing a search for 'ztw.hst' in the 'Associated Handles' of Windows Resource Monitor doesn't show anything "hooking" this file.

Got me baffled!

Uploaded here:


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