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[General] Is the ZLOG file format published?   [General]

By: Teklek       
Date: Sep 30,2022 at 06:34
In Response to: [General] Is the ZLOG file format published? (Ben Kent)

> Are you running the latest version? I'm running 2.4.204

I'm using v2.4.202, although AFAIR the same bug has been popping up for me (albeit rarely) for the last few years.

BTW I love a mystery as much as the next, so I created a small program that monitors the memory usage of Ztree and warns me immediately if it goes from normal (~60K) to excessive (> 100K).

So far, it's only triggered the warning (@ ~360K) after starting a new instance of Ztree after a reboot, and using a recently-saved TEMP.ZLOG file.

Curiously, if I get this warning after the launch but then immediately save the log file (alt-z-r) then quit & restart Ztree, then the memory usage of that instance of Ztree is the normal ~60K, and (so far at least) does not crash at some stage later.


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