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[General] Is the ZLOG file format published?   [General]

By: Dave Gordon       
Date: Oct 04,2022 at 13:05
In Response to: [General] Is the ZLOG file format published? (Teklek)

This is a problem I've had for years, but never been able to pin it down.

I used to think it was a memory usage problem, but there is more to it than that. Just crashed when saving a ZLog file with 8K, and the other day it was 80k.

One thing I have noticed:
"*" on a sub-directory to re-log the branch because I know it's contents have changed.
The parent directory, and any siblings of the sub-directory, are already logged.
The contents of the parent and any siblings may have changed from that displayed, but I don't re-log them because I'm not interested in the contents of those directories.
I sometimes, but not always, get a crash after such a sequence when I save the ZLog file.

I would love to isolate this since I use ZLog files extensively, I have 566 of them at the moment, and I keep creating more.


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