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By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Dec 08,2022 at 19:21
In Response to: Still see this in 2.4.204? (nomsg) (Kim Henkel)

If the Gather includes the last line of a non-Unicode file which is not followed by a CR/LF, then it drops the last character when using any of the following methods of Gather:

[L]ine mode off, [G] [Enter] [Down] [Enter] [F4]
[L]ine mode off, [G] [Enter] [F4]
[L]ine mode off, [G] [F4]
[L]ine mode on, [F4]

However, I just discovered, if the clipboard is not empty, then [F5] does not drop the last character when adding to the clipboard.

- John


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