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Yes   [Zeta]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Dec 09,2022 at 01:12
In Response to: Yes (Antti)

> I tried it, but in the normal ALPHA mode, I am not able to reproduce
> this issue. I tried both with ANSI and OEM, and the last line without
> CR/LF was pasted fully intact from Gather. However, when I tried using
> the WRAP mode instead of ALPHA I was indeed able to
> reproduce it, and so it seems probably specific to that mode only.

Very strange. It fails for me whether WRAP is on or off. To be sure it's not one of my settings, I just tried it with no ZTW.INI or previous ZTW.HST files, and no command-line entries. It fails to Gather the last character in all cases (except F5 to a non-empty clipboard).

Anyone else?

- John


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