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Resizing window via dragging frame edge - comments   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Dec 14,2022 at 23:02
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.205 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

>Added - Experimental support for resizing window via dragging frame edge
I like it, even with it's Experimental status

Running Windows 10 here, so I cannot test with Windows Terminal

Some comments

o. After the resize, the text wraps
There are two ways to get a redraw
Press any character, which seems to not be consumed in ZTree
Use the mouse to change focus to a different application
There might be a third way, click the mouse into the ZTree window, but I run with the mouse disabled i.e. /M on the commandline.

Does that mean that ZTree does a full redraw after each keypress, or only after it detects a console size change?

o. An odd number of columns is allowed
Shouldn't an odd number of columns be rounded down to an even number?

o. With Split mode=enabled, Shift-F8=Both
Odd number of columns: In the right hand DW and SFW panels there is an extra space between the last character (i.e. file time) and the stats panel divider
Even number of columns: Columns and dividers where they should be

o. With Split mode=enabled, Shift-F8=Current
Odd number of columns: The right hand |ord| and |SpW| are one character right from their proper location, and the right hand panel/stats panel divider is a space instead of a |
Even number of columns: Extra space after the last DW (Alt-Kilo) and SFW character and the stats panel divider

o. Fractional number of characters wide
It is possible to make the console a fractional number of characters wide, which causes a wider than expected empty border on the far right.

After width resize, if the console is a fractional character width and the highlight bar wraps lines or a active file/directory marker is on the right hand border, then the highlight bar colour is left in the fractional right hand border after the redraw. i.e. the redraw doesn't overwrite the fractional right hand border.

Would it be possible to resize to a whole number of characters?
Or is that information not available.

o. Minimal console size
Appears to be 80 columns by 25 rows
If you resize below those, the minimums are enforced, no surprises there.

Is the maximum console size also enforced?

I tried to expand across two monitors, it just snapped back to one monitor, but trying to grow a cmd.exe window beyond one screeen also doesn't work.

o. Zombie ZTree process

I reduced the height below 25 rows, and managed to get ZTree to do that disappear from view and turn into a background process consuming all of a core, so I stopped the process with task manager, and the same again or the next test run.

So then I started investigating to try and find the boundary or trigger, but then it wouldn't do that behaviour regardless of what I did.
Maybe another day I will find a pattern.



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