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Fixes verified in v2.4.205 (more)   [Zeta]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Jan 02,2023 at 01:59
In Response to: [Bugs] Alt-Sort Unsorted - More (Kim Henkel)

> A lot of churn here trying to make DMode just like FMode - but I think
> it too hard for little reward.
> So, I've hopefully reverted all the unwanted changes and just forced
> name sorting for Unsorting in DMode only (added a Help note for 2.4,
> still need one for 2.7)
> Let me know how it looks now ;-)

Looking great now Kim. Thanks!

Unsorted FAT files are back to the classic order as stored in the FAT table, and NTFS DMode directories are in name sequence by path, both in the same order as a simple DIR command.

I had thought that, since the Tree was already sorted in Tree sequence, it would be easy enough to simply "flatten" the tree to display it in that same sequence when Unsorted. But I understand that in modifying code things are often easier said than done, and agree that it's not worth a lot of logic complications if it's not easy to do.

Also, the FMode Unsorted bug appears fixed.

Thanks again Kim, and Happy New Year!

- John


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