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[OT] I know, I know...   [OT]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Jan 02,2023 at 17:10
In Response to: [OT] ChatGPT needs to learn a lot more (Laurent Duchastel)

Write a 5-paragraph review of Slobodan Vujnovic's confusing posts in the ztreewin forum

Slobodan Vujnovic's posts in the ztreewin forum are consistently confusing and difficult to understand. It seems as though he is trying to communicate complex ideas, but his language is often vague and unclear. Additionally, he frequently jumps from one topic to another without properly explaining the connection between them.

One of the most frustrating aspects of Vujnovic's posts is his lack of proper organization. He tends to include large blocks of text that are difficult to parse through, and there is often a lack of clear structure or logical flow. This makes it difficult for readers to follow his train of thought and fully understand his points.

Another issue with Vujnovic's posts is his tendency to use jargon and technical language without proper explanation. This can be especially confusing for readers who are not familiar with the topic he is discussing. It seems as though he assumes that everyone in the forum has the same level of knowledge and expertise, which is not always the case.

Despite these issues, there are moments when Vujnovic's posts do provide valuable information or insight. However, these moments are often overshadowed by the overall confusion and lack of clarity in his writing.

In conclusion, while Vujnovic's posts in the ztreewin forum may occasionally contain valuable information, they are generally confusing and difficult to understand. It would be helpful if he made more of an effort to clearly and concisely communicate his ideas, and to better organize his thoughts and arguments.


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