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[Q] size of small file window changes and STAYS CHANGED after full screen games   [Q]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jan 12,2023 at 09:50
In Response to: [Q] size of small file window changes and STAYS CHANGED after full screen games (Ryan)

> hi
> the size of the ztree's small file window changes and STAYS CHANGED
> when coming back to the windows desktop, ztree might be in the background
> or was used to launch some computer games having used a full screen for a
> different resolution like maybe 800 x 600.
> what would be a way to prevent this change (usually changing to one row
> for the smalll file window)?
> I dont want to use alt + up and down arrows to change back to my liking
> everytime it happens
> is there a definte way to start a ztree with the size of the smalll
> file window i chose?


Which OS are you running?

"full screen games" are they GUI or CLI?
If CLI, then the console is likely to be 80x25, which possibly is causing ZTree to switch screen modes, and change the SFW size.

How are you running the game?
start game.exe
start /w game.exe
some other way

What is CO-2L Window sizing set to?

Which version of ZTree?
This was added in v2.4.205
*Added - Experimental support for resizing window via dragging frame edge
and in v2.4.206
"CO-2L Window sizing=Proportional" is now honoured when resizing by frame

Going by your description, the console size is changing, and ZTree could be redrawing.

You might need control byte 20 (SFW Dividing Line Position) of the zt= line of the ZTW.HST file.



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