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[OT] Michael Kahn's sarcasm   [OT]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Jan 12,2023 at 10:55
In Response to: [OT] Michael Kahn's sarcasm (Michael Kahn)

> Do you believe that ChatGPT is un-hackable and cannot provide propaganda?

Of course it's hackable and will be abused. Who is saying otherwise?

Just read this a minute ago: about 50% of the students in a French class
used ChatGPT to produce very resembling papers. The professor was impressed,
until he found out that the youth lives in another reality.
The quality was above average (10/20 in France), so he gave ALL papers
the 12.5 grade. Let's wait for the next homework...

Panic and confusion will set in soon in education, which mainly interests
me, having hated the time wasted in schools.

I'm wandering how Laurent's academic environment is reacting?


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