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[OT] Real ChatGPT - but beware!   [OT]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Jan 16,2023 at 04:06
In Response to: [OT] Real ChatGPT - even more (Laurent Duchastel)

Here is my last partially transcript for tonight. Have fun!

1. I want to move many files from one directory to another using ZTree file manager. How can I do that? [The answer is garbish text inspired by cut and paste operations]
2. This is not true at all [It apologizes]

3. ZTree File Manager is essentially keystroke-based, and it is why it is not only very powerful but very efficient. The answer you should have given is this one below.

- Move to source directory using arrows and press Enter.
- Press "T" for each file you want to copy.
- Press Ctrl-C, Enter, and provides or check target path. Press Enter.

[Editor note: this is obviously incomplete steps ;-) ]

[ChatGPT gives a 6-step procedures which are inaccurate]

4. No, steps 4 to 6 are not right. Ctrl-V is NOT a command in ZTree [It regenerates different steps, still Windows-inspired but pure garbish]

5. This is worst. Now steps 3 to 5 are wrong [It tries again, still on garbish inspired by mouse cut/paste]

6. OK. This is going even worser. Instead of answering "I don't know", you keep trying answering, even if answers are so wrong! Okay, let's drop it. [It apologizes and recommends "consulting the ZTree documentation or a expert in the software for more information on how to use it".]

Laurent Duchastel


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