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[ZEP] batch param %d: leading zeros!?   [ZEP]

By: andreas     Z├╝rich, Switzerland  
Date: Jan 23,2023 at 07:41

hi dear community!

had to create a batch file with %d in the line mask.

want to rename some files with random names to "yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm-ss.*"
so set line mask to "ren %4.%5#%d.*" (# beeing a place holder to be changed to tab with my editor)

results in lines like:
ren 73ea3b3e3f4499887b8b2d619c8be87f7005.jpg# 3-01-2023 8:31:59.*
day + hour have no leading zero. bothers me ... (I'am aware of the CO-1K setting; blank instead of zero is OK for me on display)

would like to have leading zeros for Day+Hour when using %d batch param.

there is an additional blank after # (eaten away by the forum sw even if text tagged as code!?).
where does is come from? it appears as well if I take any other char instead of #

thanks for your valuable help! andreas


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