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[Zeta] F8 Treespec doesn't work ?   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jan 26,2023 at 22:07
In Response to: [Zeta] F8 Treespec doesn't work ? (Laurent Duchastel)

> Hello Kim,
> Treespec F8 doesn't work for me. It does not expand to junction path.
> It just beeps and exits Treespec.
> Is the same for you ?


Working here with 2.4.207

C:\ProgramData\Application Data
jumps to C:\ProgramData

Check your ZTW.HST file doesn't have any corrupted entries, particularly pn= ones.
I had some corrupted pn= entries (possibly from testing resize by frame) which caused Branch to crash ZTree.

Are you seeing the issue on the standard Windows junctions, or custom ones?
Have you tried the standard Windows junctions?
Are the reparse points, junctions, symlinks, ...?
If symlinks are they to UNC paths?
What does Alt-Info show?
Can you log the destination?
Does Branch work on any normal directory?



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