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[Discuss] Best Way to Configure ZTW/64 for Windows 11?   [Discuss]

By: Mike King       
Date: Jan 26,2023 at 22:12

Hi, All,

I recently allowed my computer to upgrade (?) to Windows 11, 22H2. The first day and most of the second, ZTreeWin operated correct. Later the second day, Windows had a bunch of new updates for me, and after rebooting, I encountered the "scrambled window" issue others have noted here.

I tried changing Settings > Privacy & security > For Developers > Terminal to "Windows Console Host", but that didn't seem to stick.

Currently, I'm using the target "C:\Windows\System32\conhost.exe C:\ZTreeWin\ZTW64.EXE" in the taskbar shortcut, but that causes another issue: the shortcut icon now is the CMD.EXE shortcut. I've tried changing the icon through the shortcut's properties, but it won't stick.

From Windows 95 through Windows 10, I was able to use a shortcut to the ZTW64 executable on the task bar, in a menu, or on the desktop to start ZTW properly, but after the changes introduced by Win 11/22H2, that no longer is the case.

I've tried allowing ZTW to start through Terminal, but it appears that Terminal completely ignores ZTW's display formatting. No matter what settings I use, I always get the default terminal size.

Has anyone figured out how to have a ZTW shortcut pinned to their task bar (or start menu) that starts ZTW directly with the display format configured within ZTW (via Alt-F10, page 2)? ...thanks! -mk


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