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[Help!] compressing file to exe(sfx) in ztw   [Help!]

By: colin       
Date: Jan 29,2023 at 05:28
In Response to: [Help!] compressing file to exe(sfx) in ztw (Matthias Kring)

Since there are entries for InfoZip and 7-Zip archivers in ARCHIVER.BB2 I do use these two archivers at times. However I don't know enough details to add/change these entries in ARCHIVER.BB2 to make SFX archive.

It would be great if someone on this forum could create an entry(for ARCHIVER.BB2) to make SFX archive for each of the archiver(InfoZip and 7-Zip and winRAR).

Then those who want to use a particular archiver could include the corresponding entry into their copy of ARCHIVER.BB2.


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