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Reported version number   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Feb 11,2023 at 16:56
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.208 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

> Version 2.4.208 (5 February 2023)

While investigating ZTree crashes because of deep paths, there will be a separate post for that, I noticed that the crash reports in the Application eventlog report the not expected version
Whereas the ZTree title and stats panel are reporting the expected version

On ZTW.EXE and ZTW64.EXE Alt-Info reports
Version: []

Digging deeper using PowerShell

(Get-Item 'C:\Program Files\ZTree Windows\ZTW64.EXE').VersionInfo.FileVersion
Gives the expected

But this
(Get-Item 'C:\Program Files\ZTree Windows\ZTW64.EXE').VersionInfo.FileVersionRaw.tostring()
Gives the not expected

Please ensure that all of the version fields are updated in the next release.



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