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ZTW.HST updates not persisting   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Apr 12,2023 at 20:08
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.210 Now Available! (Andrew Watson)

> I'm not sure whether this is a bug or user error.
> When I press CTRL+INS in History lists to mark items for reuse the
> marks disappear in the next session.


I don't believe CTRL+INS does anything when in a history list.
Ins, toggle the mark on the item
Del, delete unmarked items
Ctrl-Number/Letter, mark the item with Number/Letter
Alt-Number/Letter, use the item marked with Number/Letter
Or are you using some option, that I have forgotten about?

How are you ending the ZTree session?

Are you running ZTree as a standard user or elevated?

Where is ZTree installed?

What is the working directory where you start ZTree from?
Have a read of the "3.14 Auxiliary Files" section in the help file.
I install under Program files and make sure that none of the Auxiliary Files are in the installation directory, and I use %APPDATA%\ZTreeWin as my confguration directory.

Where is your ZTW.HST file? and does it have the expected date stamp
Could your issues be related to this
Fixed - Write user files (ZTW.ZAM, ZTW.INI & ZTW.HST) to %APPDATA% if read from 'Program Files'
Maybe you should run this to find all of the copies and their date stamps
dir \ZTW.HST /s /a

If there are multiple ZTW.HST files on the system, you might need to rename/delete all but the one copy you want to use.

What happens if you press F3 in a history list and then check the date stamp of the ZTW.HST file?

Do you have change permissions to the file? And does the file have the read only attribute?
i.e. the write could be redirected to under %LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\

Are you using my Merge-ZTreeHistory.ps1 script?



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